Library duty…


Mess duty… All hostelites know about this… And willingly or unwillingly (and sometimes with some jugaad!) everyone does it. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s when a student is assigned the task of ensuring the quality of the meals prepared. This is a novel way to prevent mass diarrhoea for example. But it also increases the sense of responsibility towards the system.

Speaking of messes, LIBRARIES, messes for your brains. Now, IIT Kharagpur happens to have a really good library with heaps of books to choose from on a wide spectrum of topics. The problem is that one doesn’t always find the book he/she wants where it is supposed to be. Library staff may not be at fault here. Students using these books within the library don’t necessarily return them to the locations they belong.

Solution? Introduce ‘Library Duty’. Now before people raise there technical doubts, which are very valid by the way, let me finish. It doesn’t have to be something very complicated. Students on the duty will be allotted a shelf, and all they have to do is remove the books which don’t belong on that shelf and keep them in a ‘misplaced’ pile of some kind. Library staff can take it from there.

As the name suggests, a duty should be mandatory. But not everyone likes to go to the library, let alone graze through the dusty shelves of wisdom. So as counter-intuitive as it sounds, the so called duty should be entirely voluntary. Keeping up with the style of KGP, a society focused around library activities can be found and so on…

Just a suggestion… Putting it out there…


3 thoughts on “Library duty…

  1. any library for that matter, this would not only ensure a good library experience but also save time while searching for books in the library and another benefit would be that the conditions of books/shelves could be properly assessed….


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