Infuriating FAQs about Long Distance Relationships…


“How did you manage to pull that off?”

What do you mean how? Was it supposed to be difficult? Are you questioning our maturity sir? Or just because the only way movies depict long distance relationships is as an unstable form of human bond which will be broken at the slightest hint of temptation from opposite sex? Why does it seem so impossible to you?

“How often do you talk?”

First of all, stop being so nosy. We ‘speak’ to each other on the phone once every month. Sometimes once every couple of months.


I get it. The need to be in constant touch with each other and being in a relationship are two different things. We definitely don’t have the former. Heck, most our days go by without messages much beyond daily pleasantries of good morning and good night.

This is where most of the long distance relationships fail. And funnily enough, distance isn’t even the reason behind it. We human beings can not be at two geographical locations at once. And despite thousands of centuries of evolution, we fail to understand it. Once the situation demands us to ‘be’ somewhere and ‘think’ somewhere else, we start to dysfunction.

Here I would like to bring up the controversial (!) topic of blue ticks and last seens. I have seen people get genuinely upset when someone opens Whatsapp but doesn’t reply to their message. Blue ticks took it a step further. I must say, people were a lot more understanding back in the days of snail mail, and even e-mail. Nowadays before accusing someone of being ignorant or rude, we do not even consider the possibility of a million things that could be happening in that person’s physical surroundings. This leads to ‘You don’t care about me’s and ‘You don’t have time for me’s.

All in all, the excessive possessive behaviour is the root cause behind most of LDRs not working. I mean, why would you want to know what your partner is doing every minute of the day! It portrays you as a person who has crippling insecurities about faithfulness of your partner. Don’t do that… Live in the moment… Live and let live…

But it still looks too difficult to me…

Think of long distance relationships as those times when you are saving for something big, something you wanted for a long time… Like that dress, that game, that mobile, that trip to Goa… You consciously control yourself from spending that money on short-term pleasures… Or better yet, you don’t find anything else pleasing or worth that money. And when you finally get what you saved up for, it makes the whole experience that much better.

So at the end of this philosophical ranting, I would like to say one thing… Calling your significant other ‘your life’ is fine in romantic context, but in reality it is a part of your life which is supposed to make your life more enjoyable…Don’t suck the fun out of it…


9 thoughts on “Infuriating FAQs about Long Distance Relationships…

  1. What also hurts is the sympathy these kinda people show to the LDR people.. Why can’t they accept that we too are happy even if miles away from each other.. Enduring such woes since the last 3.5 years..

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  2. I wish I had your strength. I have been in a LDR for three months now(exactly half of our relationship) and I find it so difficult. The lack of communication more than anything gets to me, because we have no set routine, its just message when you can and call if you have time once a week. I find that a real struggle, especially on days when I receive a dozen texts from him at most

    Any tips on how to handle this?


    1. Initially it will be really tough. Have you known each other for long? ie before the relationship? If yes then you two already know each other well. One thing you can do which should be effective is not having text messages as primary mode of communication. I have noticed that you feel very uneasy when you dont get a reply straight away. Instead try to have communication through emails… really. long. emails. write about how your day was. what you did. what new you discovered in life. the email should be equivalent to a conversation of 15-20 minutes. that way even if you check it once a day and reply to it, you will have a constant line of contact.
      What are your thoughts on it?


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