Stages of Blogging…



  1. New start

    ‘My mind contains a plethora of ideas that need to be put forth immediately!’
    ‘This virtual platform of mine shall achieve massive popularity’
    ‘A minimum of one post per week will be published’
    ‘I will have a consistent reader-base’

  2. Waning

    ‘Something will come to me any minute now’
    ‘As it is I am swamped’
    ‘A little delay would make no matter’
    ‘I just need to get in touch with my creative side again’

  3. Panic

    ‘Nothing of relevance comes to mind!’
    ‘Has my creativity died?’
    ‘I am going to be a subject of continuous taunting’
    ‘I will be seen as just another quitter!’

  4. Desperation

    *Googles* ‘blogging topics’,’blog post suggestions’,’hot topics’,’11 things to write about on your blog’….
    *Types* ’13 tips to make your love life…’ NO NO NO I CAN’T DO THIS TO MYSELF!!!!!

  5. Acceptance

    Ideas flow through an irregular space-time continuum. Intersecting it requires one to be in his/her right frame of mind… Forced brainstorming is frugal… Patience is the order of the day…


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