The word opaque has changed its meaning for me over time. I miss the good old days when it simply meant a substance through which no light can pass through. (Yay 7th standard physics!). As the years went by, beauties of natural and artificial objects caught my eyes for the way they teased lights. The stained windows of churches, made not to stop the light entirely but to put life into otherwise mundane stroke of sun. Silhouetted buildings against the crimson sea of fire at the east. Long shadow of a pen on the letter, waiting to be completed and sent… (the latter never happened). An arm around special someone admiring the sunset…

light has a special place in my heart…

so do the things that look strangely alive in them…

The simple admiration of light became a lot more complicated when people stopped being transparent. Every action had a hidden meaning. Words were said not because you meant them but because you had to. Your own words were twisted until they lost their intended meaning and served as a poison to someone who drank it without a second thought.

In the world of supposedly increasing transparency, people started becoming more and more opaque. Not by colouring themselves to decorate their surroundings like those church windows but by painting themselves black like the sinister who hides his acts from the world, not letting a single streak of light in…

Source of Inspiration: Opaque


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