A guide to the post apocalyptic world

Before I am criticised for posting things which are not so obviously useful in life, I have decided to post about survival techniques in post apocalyptic world. Why will we need them you ask? Be a lamb and google following things:

  1. President of USA
  2. North Korea
  3. Turkish president
  4. French elections
  5. Cows(!!)

You will find out after about an hour of research that any of this factor alone can escalate into something terrible. (I seriously hope it doesn’t) But in any case, you should be prepared.

You will need to learn:

  1. Constructing a makeshift shelter – Imagine cities are bombed and the area is contaminated with nuclear waste and chemicals. You are forced to seek shelter in the wild. (Again, I sincerely hope those are left by then) You will have to put up a makeshift shelter in the beginning to protect yourself from elements (and other scavenging parties).
  2. Hunting, gathering, farming – With no ways to purchase things you need you must produce your own food by foraging, hunting and farming. Familiarise yourself with plants that you shouldn’t eat. Knowing natural medications for treating headaches, fever, diarrhoea, wounds etc will help too. Learn how to grow basic things like potatoes and other roots. Making and setting traps will be necessary until you move to proper farming. (If you are in India, you know what you are not allowed to hunt…)
  3. Animal Tracking – Identifying animals by their footprints and faeces will keep you away from danger and bring you closer to food. Also there are specific ways to  encounter various animals, google them while you can. And try to get a pet canine for wow factor.
  4. Weapons – With resources scarce, every single human being will be fending for himself. To get an edge over them,  develop weapons. Start with simple spears and bows and arrows. Advance into swords, guns and eventually full-fledged artillery and tanks.

It’s funny how willingly we watch and read about post apocalyptic scenes in movies and books. There are clubs of people specifically preparing for zombie apocalypse for the sheer joy of getting to use weapons. Other theorists (conspiracy ones) engage themselves in (mis)interpreting ancient texts to predict when the doomsday will come. While we are at it, check out doomsday clock. At midnight on this clock apocalypse happens. That clock is set at just a few minutes before midnight. That is alarming. And the way this world is functioning, i will not be surprised if the clock isn’t moved backwards ever…

If an apocalypse is to actually occur, the civilisation will cease to exist as we know it. It took us more than a hundred thousand years of evolution to reach to the stage we are now. The natural thing to do now would be to forget the differences, fade the borders and focus on advancement of technology and intergalactic travel… Right? Right??

Whatever happens, my sincere request to everyone would be to keep writing. Write about your experiences, your thoughts, your ideas… Because when the dawn of next civilisation comes, your books will shed light on the past and the mistakes which are never to be repeated…


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