Travelling in train, walking, or just kicking my feet up, I like to treat my ears with a nice tune.

Now, I am no audiophile but I will just pan out what I feel about the earphones I have used since first year of junior college, when I got my first proper mobile phone. A lot of them were standard earphones provided with mobiles, which were average. But here I will only describe my experience with the ones which I had to spend money on.

  1. Skullcandy In-ear Ink’d with inline mic
    Honestly, I bought skulls purely because of the hype surrounding them. My overall experience with them was pretty decent. Sound quality was good for my particular taste of music. (Which I may write about in a later post). I used them pretty rigorously for almost a year, by which time one side of it had stopped producing any sound and one of the rubber tips were lost without me explicitly removing it. Eventually I had to throw them away because a missing rubber tip made it impossible to keep the dead side in ear which would then in the crowds of local trains catch hold of a fellow passengers bag or wristwatch. A general consensus in my friends’ circle was that Skulls are pretty fragile for the price since many of them had lost one ear of their pairs within months after buying them.
    I have heard that their overall durability has increased overall since. But I am still a bit skeptical to give them another try.

  2. Sony MDR-XB 250 On-ear Headphones
    Immediately after discarding Skulls, I decided to splurge a bit and invested in a pair of Sony. These were called something else back then, but the model I have linked above seems to be the updated one. This is hands down one of the most durable electronic product I have ever used. Five years later, while typing this blog at 5 am in the morning, I am listening to a choral song on it. And guess what, it sounds just as good as it did years earlier. It’s tangle resistant cable has survived many tugs and twists over the years. There is no need of bandaging near the joints (ahm… apple ahmm…). Adjustment mechanism has not loosened a bit. The flexible band is just as firm as it was when I first bought it.
    Sound quality is pretty amazing for the price. If you like long, peaceful listening sessions, this one is perfect for you. Genres like are Indian classical, vocal, jazz, metal, rock are particularly enjoyable. I know for a fact that people who like Beats don’t like these. May god help them…
    A single point going against it is the thin faux leather layer on the ear padding. In a country as hot as India, it is impossible to use these outdoors for any longer than 10-15 minutes without wiping your ears and headphones off of sweat. But a use of about an year and a half will rub off the faux leather coating. The padding underneath it is pretty breathable. So ironically enough, the product becomes a lot more usable after a little bit of damage!
    In short, great headphones. Highly recommend them.

  3. JBL T-200A In Ear style earphones
    Now this particular model has been discontinued since I have bought it, so I have linked a similarly priced model, which shouldn’t be too different from the one I own right. I bought it in the year 2015 and have been using it since. The sound quality is even better than the skulls which I owned. My choice of music sounds absolutely amazing on this pair. Now this one has seen some serious wear. The wire is peeled from place to place, the inline button has stopped working long back and one of the ears of it don’t work. But the audio is so good that I can’t bring myself to throw these away. The rubber tips stay on firmly even after a couple of ears and the quality of the rubber used for it makes this pair ideal for continuous long usage.

  4. Logitech H151 PC headphones
    Bought these particularly to make video calls. Audio quality is average as expected. The cable is pretty long and there is an inline volume control and mute switch for mic. I was particularly disappointed by the fact that the volume control stopped working smoothly within 6 months of purchasing it. I surely had not expected it from a company like Logitech.

These are just my thoughts on the pairs of headphones-earphones I have owned. Your experience may have been different. Surprisingly enough I have never used a pair of Sennheiser for long. I guess those will be my next.

What are your thoughts on a good pair of earphones/headphones? Let me know in the comments…


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