Elphinstone stampede

In the unfortunate incident that took place in the morning of 29th September, 22 citizens lost their lives with many more injured with varying degrees of severity. My thoughts to all the mournful families affected by this tragedy. This by no means is the largest man made disaster to hit the city in the recent … Continue reading Elphinstone stampede


Tools For a Research Project Part III: Motivation

Haven't read previous parts yet? Find them here: Part I: Literature Review Part II: Writing This is the last part of my 'Tools for a Research Project' series for now. This post is not about tools which are strictly necessary when it comes to research. But research is not a cup of tea of everyone. … Continue reading Tools For a Research Project Part III: Motivation

Tools for a Research Project Part II: Writing

Haven't read Part I yet? Click here. Microsoft Word Everyone knows at least some features of the MS word. But I will only discuss those which people often overlook and make a mess out of their documents. latest versions of MS Word have built in functionality of adding a list of tables, list of figures, … Continue reading Tools for a Research Project Part II: Writing

Tools for a Research Project – Part I: Literature Review

If you are masters student like me, chances are that you will be asked to do a lot of research based assignments and projects. The most important of the lot will be your masters' thesis. You will be expected to pick a topic and conduct independent research under the guidance of a supervisor(s). The simple … Continue reading Tools for a Research Project – Part I: Literature Review

Philosophy of Sunday Sessions

What is the urge to explore the unknown, proverbial cause of death for cats and name of a recent Mars rover sent by NASA? The answer is 'Curiosity'. Curiosity is the want to have more knowledge about something which you feel you don't know enough already. If you were growing up at the same time … Continue reading Philosophy of Sunday Sessions

Tailor made Perception

Online shopping has become a very natural phenomena these days. It is perfectly normal to walk through an apparels shop and remember the clothes you like, try out your sizes and order them online later. Or tour a bookshop, gaze through the shelves, read the blurbs of the books you might like, take down their … Continue reading Tailor made Perception

A guide to the post apocalyptic world

Before I am criticised for┬áposting things which are not so obviously useful in life, I have decided to post about survival techniques in post apocalyptic world. Why will we need them you ask? Be a lamb and google following things: President of USA North Korea Turkish president French elections Cows(!!) You will find out after … Continue reading A guide to the post apocalyptic world


  The word opaque has changed its meaning for me over time. I miss the good old days when it simply meant a substance through which no light can pass through. (Yay 7th standard physics!). As the years went by, beauties of natural and artificial objects caught my eyes for the way they teased lights. … Continue reading Opaques